Free Buses in Bangkok

The bus system in Bangkok can be a bit of a mystery if you don’t know the routes, but that’s the fun of exploring, right? But one useful thing to know about in the Bangkok metro area is the Bangkok free bus. Especially if you’re a backpacker, staying in a cheap hotel in Bangkok and eating street food, this makes keeping your budget even easier.

Granted, normal buses aren’t exactly breaking the bank with fares starting as low as 8 baht and setting you back maybe as much as 20 baht for one of the air-conditioned rides.

Watch for these buses with this blue message across the front window. It’s just hop on and hop off. If you are on a paying bus you’ll soon enough be approached by an attendant climbing around people and rattling a shiny canister of change.

Try out the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority’s website to see if you can find the bus number and route to get where you want to go.