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With the craft beer industry really taking off as it has been, keeping this roadtrip guide to the breweries of Wisconsin is no simple task. Since the publishing of the first edition of Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide a handful of breweries have either gone out of business or changed names/owners. But more importantly a whole bunch of new Wisconsin breweries have opened throughout the state, filling in gaps in “beer coverage.” For this, I give you the new and improved and fully updated Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide, 2nd Edition. The first had just over 70 breweries; this updated Wisconsin beer guide has over 90 breweries.

Already got the book? Watch for new Wisconsin breweries not yet in the book!

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And like its predecessors, Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide still has the special offers corresponding to passport-style signatures you can get in your book when you visit each brewery. And as before, most of these offers are for FREE BEER!

Listen to Author Kevin Revolinski talk about Wisconsin beer on The Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Ideas Network.

A few more beer-related attractions have been added as well, such as the new beery hotel going into the former Pabst brewery building (which keeps the old copper brew kettles intact) – The Brewhouse Inn & Suites.

Inside Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide you will find:

  • Listings for all breweries and brewpubs from the big-time MillerCoors in Milwaukee all the way down to the little Black Husky Brewery and One-Barrel Nanobrewery.
  • Beer listings include directions, beer info, the story of the place, food options, and a special offer as well as Stumbling Distance: 2 or 3 places nearby that you shouldn’t miss if you’ve made the trip
  • Listings for festivals, homebrew clubs, homebrew shops
  • Several museums and historic tours
  • Breweries reachable by bike trail, bus tour, or brew cruise
  • A history of beer in Wisconsin
  • Lots of little facts and explanations about beer, how it’s made, and even how to drink it (as if you didn’t know already)

Suitable for the beer curious or beer snobs alike, Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide leads you on a pils-grimage to find all the Wisconsin-made beer in its natural habitat. Watch this website for book availability dates, signing information, or offers to order signed copies. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WisconsinBeerGuide or follow the Wisconsin Beer Guide on Twitter (@WisBeerGuide)

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Check out my new Michigan beer guide as well!

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CORRECTIONS for a couple errors in the 2013 Edition